As soon as the players are logged in at the online casino game that they want to play, they should be able to find the kind of game that they want to play; in other words, the games need to be highly accessible for the players. Because some players could be impatient and when navigation is not effective, the gamer ends up wasting time in finding the game instead of enjoying it as soon as possible. This article aims to offer some guidelines to players, on how to find the games in casino software.

The games that are provided by the software are indicated in the Games Menu that is most of the time, readily visible around the lobby – which is something that players would not miss.  The method of finding the games inside the menu is uncomplicated for online casino that provides a lesser number of games and it could be tricky for those online casinos that offer a vast selection of games that’s why they need an effective navigation tool for finding games.

One of the prominent casino software providers is Rival Gaming that provides almost 70 online games it possesses one of the most user-friendly navigation menu to search for games. Commonly, game menus are located in the left bottom corner of the page. Rival Gaming provides categories such as Table Games, Video Pokers, i-Slots, Slots and other Specialty Games. You can browse you pass your cursor through the chosen category and in the drop down menu, there’d be a list of games under each category. There are further sub-categories to select from – the Progressive games, Reel Slot games and Video Slot games and it’s easy for the players to determine because they are indicated with an arrow from the main categories. Then for players who like to discover the latest games, there is a selection which has a “NEW” tag at the end of the drop down menu. For easier access to the new games, even if the games are usually in alphabetical order, they are placed on the top of the list so that the players can try them out.

There is another software provider that provides an easy access to locating games – Cryptologic. The method of finding a particular game using the software is almost the same as Rival Gaming; the difference is that this software offers two choices when it comes to locating games. One format just displays the thumbnail logos of the game but it is not the best choice for the novice because they would be unfamiliar with those. The other format is the regular list of games on the menu. Either way, the newbies on online casino will have a bit of a challenge especially if they are unfamiliar with the terms and games that are indicated on the game menu. But the alphabetized list is still better than just looking at logos. There are other challenges of the novice players like the number of pay lines in the online slot game but Cryptologic has designed a tool wherein the players will be helped and guided throughout the process which is the search engine. The player just need to type in the specific game that they want to play and the search results will simply reveal the game that’s being located. Although, the player is not familiar with the exact theme or name of the games, the gamer can type in keywords such as video slot games, table games, etc. They also classify and separate the latest games under their “New Games” list so there shouldn’t be any problems for any kind player – novice or veteran.