2014      Apr 30

casino-onlineRecently Red Hawk Casino (RHC) presentedapproximately $40000 jackpot toa lucky local Rewards Club affiliatethroughout theholidays.

However, Chandra often visitsto Red Hawk Casino as she exists very close in Pollock Pines. More often or not, she was staying the casino throughout the holidays and agreed to try her fortunate on a coinage Playboy Canada slot. Nevertheless, Chandra had been involving forabout 30 minutes earn just about $40000 jackpot by playing the video slot. She states that she is about to use some of her winnings rewards to pay loans for students those who has financial problems and failed to pay their education costs.

Good news for all the online casino lovers the jackpots are easily available throughout the weekend. Vikki, an experience player, was participating on Top Dollar II slot and was excited to see the jackpot of $22500 on the reels. A common question was asked her and that is what she intended to do winnings for the jackpot, she said that she is playing just because of elation and she want to continue to play for longer period of time so that she could earn as much as she can.

Bryan deLugo,General Manager, says that he isexhilarated to have fun at Red Hawk to a great extent. More players are involving to the game and enjoy their time. However, the exciting clues and welcoming team members confirmterrificskill for all our visitors. This is why,we were voted Best Casino of Sacramento for three consecutive years. He also said that our main advertisement is our visitors; they take lots of new visitors to our site. Therefore we always concentrate on the quality.

2014      Apr 9

BingoTime and again, with plenty of treats for their bingo lovers,RAPchic Bingo is on anextravaganza. With having the most fascinating deals, howone can ignore taking RAPchic Bingo? Based on everybody`s need, They have games catering. The members keep querying for something extra on every single occasion, with popular bingo rooms. In addition to that,RAPchic Bingo likes to indulge them with more exciting bingo games. Thus, you just can’t denyRAPchic Bingo, with a range of exciting& terrific offers. Feast your both eyes with the enticingdelights that they have in stock for their players.

You can come on to the Lucky Stars room at 8.00pm (every Friday), only if you are a real RAPchic Bingo member, and to earn a dinner treat, stand a chance. So, take Away game, to snatch this exhilaratingdeals, all you have to do is come up on the Friday Night at the nearest RAPchic Bingo. And you earnby hand a £50 dinner, if you join in there. It seems delightful, doesn’t it? So delight your taste buds by picking anything from the scrumptious menu and succulent.

This site is also offering anenormous jackpot game for every single bingo fans. However, they are also hosting the Lucky Lotto right in the room of Lucky Stars. And all youmust need to do is buying tickets, toearna jackpot of devotion points. Sendthose codes to [email protected] after Choosing 3 with B numbers (1-18). Type ‘LOTTO’ for 3 numbers match to claim. Higher the jackpot amount, more the number of players will be needed. So keep informing your friends about the offer.Make it anenormous jackpot by getting your peeps together.

Satisfy your desires premeditated in your aspiration list and thiswholemonth with scooping some hard cash offers. So, why don’t you join in with RAPchic Bingo soon? And eliminate your regretting level. With a test bonus of above £20 with very first payment of £10 absolutely free, RAPchic Bingo greetings all the beginners. They are also offering around 200% as their first payment bonus for the newcomers.

2014      Apr 7

WINPALACE CASINOA great chance for cashback plunderswhichequal to 125% is offered by WinPalace Casino which is the part of their weekly promotional offer. If it’s valuearound $100 or bit moreon the very first payment of each day throughout this campaign, then you’ll get exactly 100% cashback. You’ll get 125% cashback,as soon as you go with your second deposit (at least $100) on a calendar day. It’s anopportunity to get anenormous amount of value as these offers are on the uppermost of any kind deposit bonuses you consume from the ones already listed above.

To getthose attractive rewards, just accumulate these cashback prizes with a warm slots bonus. Andto get a 200% reload bonus,Deposit of $21is neededwith coupon code (LUCKYWIN1). With having a deposit of $50 and use of couponcode (LUCKYWIN2), you can easily get 225%bonus offer, or elseyou can get 250% bonus offer with LUCKYWIN3, when your deposit exceeds $100. To get a 325% offer with the code (LUCKYWIN4), Raise your deposit equal to $250 or a bit more, orto get a massive 364% deal, just deposit around $500 or more with the promotional code (LUCKYWIN5).

Table games players can play together with the cashback prizesas the part of their hot offers. To get around 132 percent with the promo code(CARD1), just make a deposit of $21 or a bit more. Or else to get a 152%refill bonus for table games player,deposit $50 or bit more with the promo code (CARD2). With deposits of $100 you can get 176 percent offer with promo code (CARD3). If you go with a minimum deposit of $150 with the promo code (CARD4), you can even get equal to205 percent of your deposit. To get 232 percent, just make deposit of $250 or a bit more with promo code (CARD5). So get ready and win as much bonus as you can.

2014      Apr 4

32Red-Casino-logoIf you go for online casino bonuses the Wagering requirements must be followed under certain guidelines.Howevera great offer is being given by the Lucky Red Casino to enter in on a tantalizing offer.This great offer might end up shortly. So, you can easily get back a 40% reload offer which values up to $200 bydepositing this weekend using the promotional code (RPLA40JAN). Anyone can use this code only once, besides there is wagering requirements or no maximum cash with this stirringoffer. Youmust check it out as this is the bestbonuses of the current year up to now.

Above all, another twodistinctive offers are alsooffered. Get a 70% match which values up to 1,000 dollar by depositing with the promo code slots (RPLS70SURE), or to get 65% which values up to1,000 dollar for all types of games,deposit with the promo code (RPLA65JAN). You must confirm that you are up for that as All offers have unvaryinggambling requirements that you must meet before cashing out those bonuses,. If it is not possible, then to get these bulk bonuses, you have to use the 40% code with no common requirements.

However, a 25x wagering requirement is also available for the 65% all games bonus code and the 70% slots bonus. With scratch card games and keno, you can use these slots codes. Nevertheless, witheverygames of Lucky Red Casino, every single code can be used, but ona few occasionsjust clearsthe obligations at gentler rates. Until Monday, January 13, these promotions is available. So,before this exciting bonus offer is outdated, make sure that you climb onthe action immediately. And again, read the terms and conditions before going for the bonuses.

With no restriction bonus, a brand new year (2014) is waiting for the Lucky Red Casino. These regular promotions are given to enhance the players` ton of value.If there is slight dispute or problem with excellent customer service still they must confirm that they take proper possible care of their players for an extended future growth.


2014      Apr 2

NevadaCasinoIn October, routine communications maintenance disrupted the state of Nevada’s first two legal online poker sites.  Ultimate Poker.com and WSOP.com had outages that interrupted tournaments and regular play due to geo-location and communication problems.
Geo-location helps enforce the rules regarding the location of players when they are participating in Nevada’s online gambling program.  Players must be within the boundaries of the state to participate in any online gambling.  When the system failed, many players were advised that their current location couldn’t be confirmed.   Thus, they were knocked out of tournaments that they were playing at the time of the outage.

On the twoplustwo forum, WSOP.com did confirm that 10 of its tournaments were disrupted.  Some players confirmed that they had lost money as a result of the outages.

Many felt that players should be notified when routine, scheduled maintenance is going to happen so that they can avoid playing during these times.  WSOP.com said that they tried to warn players but given the short notice that they received, they were unable to warn everyone in time.    WSOP also said that they will take a proactive approach to any future problems by working directly with the contractors responsible for the geo-location technology.

2014      Mar 19

NJ online gamingLocaid, one of the greatest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) firms, was named the sole carrier site provider for receiving official initial approvals by New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) to get into agreements with permit and license holders of Casino and gaming facilities.
According to a press release by the company, Locaid looks for locations directly using Tier 2 and Tier 1 wireless carriers. It also provides precise geo-location information to different gamming applications that adopt real money type of wagers in the US. Through Locaid, New Jersey gaming facilities, brands for iGaming, and different platforms will have the ability to use mobile location data held by AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, TELUS, BoostMobile, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and US cellular. Locaid currently holds the greatest footprint in North American mobile phone industry subscribers with about 99% reach.

Locaid’s description as one of the Ancillary Casinos Service Industry Enterprise (CSIE) in the state of New Jersey is considered historic and pioneer in the geolocation industry. It is also the initial LaaS firm to receive such status by a state authority.

Locaid’s new iGaming customers are many; operators like William Hill, Stations Casinos, and Cantor Gaming. iGaming operates on platforms such as GTECH, 888 holdings, SGI, and even iGaming companies such as Central Accounts Management Systems  (CAMS) that are mainly focused on verification. Locaid carrier Network Mobile Location system has become very reliable for real money wages ring systems that are mainly run in Nevada such as the Ultimate poker.

Locaid prides to be the first LaaS system to have received CSIE approval in the gaming history. The system includes location resources such as Carrier Network Mobile Location, a requirement for any eGaming service that operates in the US because of its non-proof and authentic capabilities. Because of these characteristics, the new iGaming is considered foundation to Locaid’s Omni suite that enables operators effectively layer multiple locations simultaneously such as Wi-Fi location, geofencing, Landline, and IP location, all to make sure that applicants adhere to strict regulations in the industry.

Rip Gerber, the Locaid CEO, said that they will continue working closely with different regulators as well as technical teams in the state government to help in developing as well as delivering particular locations to help make iGaming safer and legal using extreme parameters. Rip continued to say that the location information provided by Locaid surpasses by far other limited offers from single sourced providers as well as aggregators. As a result, iGaming industry is seeking Locaid location to help operationalize different applications for special players as well as compliance with the highly demanding regulation in the state of New Jersey.


2014      Mar 17

online slotsHere’s the newest craze at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. The Bad Beat Jackpot amounting to $10,000.00 has been won at the table of Texas Hold’em on Friday. This game is played wherein the one who holds the “losing” hand wins. The “mini” jackpot prize has been distributed to 8 players on a percentage basis.

Half of the prize which was $5,000.00 has been awarded to aplayer from Dover, Del. through his Kings in Aces full, contending him to be at the “losing” hand, and made him won the first prize. He intends to stay anonymous. The second prize amounting to $ 2,500.00 which was 25% of the total prize was given to a Portsmouth, Va. player, whilethe remaining 25% was divided equally to the 6 players, each receiving $416.00 as consolation for their higher hand.

This is the hottest scene in the Crown Royal Poker Room, along with the boundless hold’em games. Since the summer of 2010, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino has been integrating Bad Beat Jackpots in Texas Hold’em and released over $901,000.00 as pay-outs.

2014      Mar 14

Grosvenor CasinoEvolution gaming, a renowned market leader in video-streamed real time gaming, has started a largely extended and completely-new life casino system to be used by Grosvenor Casinos. Grosvenor Casinos is the UK’s leading operator in the Casino industry.
The new state of art, dedicated system was created by Evolution Gaming in its Evolution Riga Studio, was launched this month. The new system and environment doubles Grosvenor’s Casino capability on its online operations without compromising future operations. Players are free to play any of the 4 dedicated casino’s online tables; Baccarat, blackjack, Roulette, and Blackjack Gold on a 24 hours basis. Gamblers will also have the chance to enjoy the casino’s experience when they interact with its teams that include native English speakers.

Steve Salmon, the digital innovations leader at Grosvenor Casinos emphasized that this is a great new environment that will help bring the casino’s retail experience to clients in the fast evolving digital world. Salmon continued to indicate that because of the casino’s vast experience and table gaming expertise, it will be a special opportunity to avail these skills to more customers across the channels and give them the most authentic experience in live casino. The casino customers can also play in any of the distribution channels in order to share the connected experience. The new casino environment is no doubt stunning because of the dynamic backdrops that are created with large plasma screams enabled to display subtle lighting, innovative branding, and messaging.

All the tables at Grosvenor Live Casino are available on desktops, PC, iPad, and Mac. The Live Roulette can also be accessed on android and iPhone smart phones and tablets. Later in the course of the month, Grosvenor will release Blackjack Tables for android tables.

Svante Liljevall, the Chief Executive Director of Evolution Gaming  said that partnering with Grosvenor Casino has created great excitement for its conventional casinos. Svante also indicated that they have created new innovative connections for clubs and the online system. He continued to indicate that by adopting native English speakers at the casino will make it more appealing to clients, add value, and strengthen rapport with regular players.


2014      Mar 13

COMTRADE GAMING TEAMFebruary 4 – 6th this year, booth N9-131 on ICE Totally Gaming 2014is the ultimate place to be.  You want to meet Comtrade Gaming team, and then you might want to mark your calendar appropriately. There is no need to worry about your invitation. Comtrade Gaming is cordially inviting you to meet its elite team.
Comtrade is a highly reputable tech form that provides gaming solutions and services both online and offline. This year, the firm is expect to add to its name a list of technology innovations within the firm’s iCore, sCore and gCore technologies and will be at the show later this year.

During the show, fans with premium memberships will be treated to live demonstration of the iCore. iCore is an enterprise gaming platform which enables users to see player activities enabling them to enjoy the full benefits of a centralized content management over multiple game dealers as well as products. The technology, by allowing operators to offer bonuses and promotional loyalties coupled with an amazing customer service, has helped nature  trust with the players as well has increased profits for suppliers.

sCore, which regulators will be presented with, allows interconnection of terminals between major gaming machine suppliers with a central server. The terminals can thereby be controlled and monitored using the central server in real time.

Vendors and operators will be treated to a demonstration illustrating the distribution of casino content by easy relocation of offline content using various mediums such as flash and HTML5 game development kits designed for online, mobile platforms as well as server based gaming platforms. These capabilities are provided by gCore otherwise referred to as The Game Server.

2014      Mar 12

online pokerPoker players from Nevada were already interested in the Ultimate Gaming. However, this customer base may grow thanks to a new agreement signed between Peppermill Resort Spa Casino Reno and different casino operators in Nevada. According to the agreement, Ultimate Gaming online Poker Room will become the internet poker destination of 5 casinos in Wendover, Reno and Sparks.
Tobin Prior, the CEO of Ultimate Gaming said that Peppermill possesses a very active online poker room and added that the agreement is basically this: they send players looking for online poker to them and they will market the customers. The financial agreement was not revealed by Prior but it is clear that Peppermill will share its revenue. Prior also added that it will be an excellent opportunity for both businesses to grow.

The first regulated online poker website launched in the US was UltimatePoker.com. Back in April, it began accepting wagers. After opening an account online players can deposit money and play in any of the seventeen casinos o the company.

This new deal will provide additional flexibility to online players. Players will be able to deposit money and get their winning at five different properties: Montego Bay Casinos, Peppermill, Western Village, Rainbow and Sparks.

According to the company’s CEO, Prior, a great part of the company’s profit came from Southern Nevada. This new deal is a way to increase Ultimate Poker’s presence in Northern Nevada. Prior hopes that in a brief future there will be more agreements like this with other Nevada casinos.


The date for the launch of this agreement hasn’t been determined yet as it is waiting for the final approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission. The company’s general manager for the Peppermill Northern Nevada area, Billy Paganetti, said that this new agreement offers the company the ability to provide online poker to their customers.

Ultimate Gaming also operated the wagering platform of Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal, which is one of the few online casinos that is licensed to provide online gaming to New Jersey’s players. Back in January this year, the casino reported a total revenue of 858.351 dollars, being the third highest revenue in the state of New Jersey. Followed by Caesars Interactive and Borgota, which hold 73% of the market in New Jersey.


New Jersey’s online gaming went live last year in Novermber, and Prior says that the company will do everything it needs to improve their share in the online gaming market.

UltimatePoker is one of the three platforms that offer wagering options to players within Nevada borders. The other two companies are WSOP and Real gaming.

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