2013      Nov 29

Online Gaming NewsAlbania looks to end Online Gambling

A new government party in Albania has decided that it might be the right time to end online gambling in the country.   Since June, over 1300 betting shops and casinos have been shut down for operating without the proper licenses.

Now the government has turned to overseas online gambling sites.  Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe and the government is concerned that there is too much money leaving a country that can ill afford to see money go outside of the country’s borders.

It has been estimated that   approximately €500 to €700 million could be going to foreign gambling companies each year.  The government wants that money to stay in Albania.

China could add online sports betting

Rumors are flying that the Chinese government is close to an agreement with gambling company 500 to offer an online sports betting platform everywhere except Macau.

But a deal might not happen as soon as people expect it to.   500 still needs to raise at least $150 million dollars to provide a proper online sports betting platform.   If there is any betting, it would be tied to the Chinese lottery service.  The lottery currently only offers 68% in returns and that is less than what illegal Chinese sites offer.   And even if everything goes through, 500 still might not be able to offer players the very popular “in-play” bets.  Without those “in-play” bets, why would Chinese gamblers leave the illegal sites?  Both Chinese and Western companies would welcome the financial windfall that the Chinese sports betting market could provide.

Bulgaria blacklists more gaming companies

Bulgaria is blacklisting online gaming companies faster than anyone can count.    The list is over 150 and growing thanks to five more companies added in recent weeks.  PrimeCasino, BetCave, Oddsring, BetSonic and BetCris were added to the blacklist.    Companies can appeal the ruling but they only have two weeks to do so.  If a company can prove that they have left the market, they will be removed from the lack list.  Bwin.party and their PartyPoker recently were removed from the list.

Slovenia introduces new gaming act

In early 2014, Slovenia is expected to introduce a new Gaming Act.  The European Union has already been informed that the new act is coming.  If the European Commission reviews and approves of the new laws, they will go in effect.

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