2013      Oct 16

01Recently, a South African virtual slots player made a notable win, a win that has made headlines. What made this particular win cause such a ripple? For starters, the winner took home enormous winnings, amounting to ZAR99, 314. What is most surprising about these winnings is the fact that an virtual slots player won them. Many people do not consider slots as a game where they can win large amounts but with this news, it is now proven that even slot players stand a chance to win big.

So how did this amazing turn of events occur? A South African by the name of Lucinda S. was enjoying a regular game of online slots at the Springbok Casino. This casino is known to be highly favored by most South African players.

A lecturer by day, Lucinda sometimes spends her free time at a virtual casino and this is what she was doing when she got lucky. She was at the casino playing Cleopatra’s Gold, a virtual slots game. This game is a Real Series video slots game which is available at Springbok Casino. Her fortune changed rapidly in a way that many players wish for. She went on to win the jackpot which amounted to ZAR99, 314.

Lucinda was obviously excited about her big win, something she showed when Springbok Casino’s customer service representatives interviewed her. She also gave some words of wisdom when she expressed her joy at winning and how she planned to use her winnings to fund tuition fees for her son. Her humility and good intentions for spending her winnings on a good cause is a good sign of encouragement to other casino players. She did not go on a typical spending spree after winning big. Instead of opting to spend the money over a weekend, she chose instead to use it responsibly. This gesture sheds some light on how responsible virtual casino players and online casinos can be.

If players are wondering whether they can still play Cleopatra’s Gold then they are in for a surprise. The game is still being offered online on any web browser. Springbok Casino is taking a step further by making sure this game is even more available to virtual casino players. They have created apps which are available on any iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Springbok Casino has a host of other slot games which are available as apps. These mobile apps permit players to do much more than play the game. They can make deposits, withdraw winnings, and redeem their coupons among other things. These mobile apps do not change the gaming experience and instead make it somewhat better.


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